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qu'est-ce que c'est, ce baume du tigre

25 Apr

As I may have mentioned many times already I’m on a Cadfael kick, rereading the series one book after another voraciously. I just finished The Virgin in the Ice and was curious to see who they picked to play Olivier de Bretagne in the TV series. The fellow turned out to be an English actor and I’m sure he does a fine job, but really the character should look a lot more Middle-Eastern than that; the book sure wasn’t shy on that point, or on praising Olivier’s good looks. So here’s Alexander Farsi - granted, he’s a model, not an actor, but damn if he doesn’t have that knightly bearing in the first picture and those “amber eyes” in the next. This guy is pretty much what I saw when I read!

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  2. kiev4am said: Loved the Cadfael books, and the TV series - I thought Derek Jacobi was fantastic casting. Damn, may have to dig out my books now :)
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